Justin Bieber debuted his new hairstyle on Instagram this past weekend and many fans are having a hard time supporting it. 

For the second time since 2016, the Biebs is rocking what some are calling dreadlocks and others are calling matted hair. And also for the second time since 2016, he’s being accused of cultural appropriation for doing so. 


JB debuted the look on Instagram Sunday, and the post’s comment section makes it clear that some fans aren’t very pleased with his latest hairstyle choice. Comments of “oh no” and “wtf” are scattered throughout, while others asked him to educate himself on Black culture. In another photo, he shared a closer look at the new dew. 

Back in 2016, JB faced backlash for rocking the hairstyle during the iHeartRadio Music Awards, with some then citing cultural appropriation after he had already worn cornrows a few months prior. And as he opts for the dreads in 2021, some supporters are upset with the pop star for rocking the hairstyle after sampling Martin Luther King Jr. on his latest album, Justice, while others backed up the Biebs’ decision to take on the hairstyle on Twitter.

JB hasn’t yet responded directly to criticism over his new hairstyle. Either way, the look was a controversial move on the “Peaches” singer’s part. Here’s what Twitter had to say on the look.