When it comes to today’s rappers, few seem to care about their outfits as much as Gunna does. Need evidence? Look no further than his Instagram page. Gunna, whose bio reads “drip influencer,” wears statement pieces like a colorful Louis Vuitton jacket covered in the house’s monogram or a pink Comme des Garçons x KAWS button-up frequently. He likes to take risks, but that comes with its fair share of criticism. During New York Fashion Week he wore a see-through black Dior monogram top, shorts, and knee-high Rick Owens boots. Joe Budden, who often catches flak for his outfits on social media, even took to Instagram to say he, “don’t wanna hear a word about [his] outfits ever again,” after seeing a photo of the fit. But the “Drip Too Hard” rapper assures Complex over the phone that he doesn’t pay much attention to the naysayers. He’s just trying to stand out.

“I’m actually used to it,” says Gunna. “I always liked different clothes. I’m just more engaged now. I don’t wanna wear what nobody else wears.” 

The rapper says he is constantly shopping, making trips to stores three or four days a week. Gunna says after our call he plans to go cop some more pieces. He’s very excited about a new Rick Owens jacket with fur details that he just purchased. “I love clothes,” he says.