Tessica Brown, the woman who went viral earlier this month after sharing TikTok videos in which she revealed the use of Gorilla Glue adhesive spray in her hair and the ensuing seriousness of the issue, now regrets going public with the story.

Speaking with Melicia Johnson for Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, Brown spoke on her initial decision to share the Gorilla Glue story on social media, explaining that she was solely in search of help and nothing more.

“The reason I went to the internet—because I was never going to take this to social media—[but] the reason I took it to social media was because I didn’t know what else to do,” she explained. “I knew somebody out there, somebody, could have told me something. I didn’t think for one second it was going to be everywhere.”

Asked how she’s dealing with the opinions and overall response of the general public as the story continues to make headlines, Brown noted she’s “over it” and also reiterated why she came forward at all.

“Again, it never was … Who in they right mind would have just said, ‘Oh, let me just spray this on my head and I’m going to become famous overnight?’ Never … Who would want that?” she said.

About halfway through the interview, available in full up top, Brown was asked if she regretted posting the initial videos that launched the Gorilla Glue adhesive spray story.

“Definitely,” she said. “I told my son today, I wish I could just, I mean, go back. Because I’m over it.”

And around nine minutes into the discussion, Brown denied previous reports—including from TMZ—that she had hired an attorney and was weighing potential legal options.

“No, I’ve never ever said that,” she said. “Again, I don’t know where all of this is coming from. Because, at this point, everybody is saying it.”

As of Wednesday, Brown—as a rep confirmed to Complex earlier this week—had flown to Los Angeles for a meeting with Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng, who has reportedly offered to perform a $12,500 procedure for free.