When things get hot in New York, city dwellers head to the rooftops. Known to locals as the “tar beach,” rooftops offer an escape from sweltering sidewalks and crowded streets. In addition to the peace, relaxation, and seclusion, they also provide scenic views of the skyline that make perfect backdrops for summer memories. Of course, stylish city residents never skimp on their wardrobes, even when it’s just they and their friends catching some sun and luxuriating on the roof. 

That’s where Dior comes in. This season, the venerable French fashion house has something special for roof-bound city folk and seaside vacationers alike. Recently, the Dior Men’s Artistic Director Kim Jones has been hanging out with Kenny Scharf, drawing inspiration from the New York-based, cartoon-obsessed multidisciplinary artist’s energetic work. You can see that creative relationship blossoming in Dior’s new Beachwear Capsule, which features a Scharf-print shirt and matching swim shorts, as well as all the staples you’ll need to hit any beach in style, from towels and sunglasses to water bottles and espadrilles. 

To celebrate the Beachwear Capsule’s release, Complex hit Brooklyn’s rooftops to show how you can style the collection your own way. Scope the looks below, then head to Dior to cop some new beach gear for your own mission to a rooftop respite.