A special two-week exhibition pop-up shop and immersive experience celebrating the legacy of Cross Colours is coming to Nordstrom’s NYC flagship.

On Monday, the installation was revealed to be running through Aug. 8, giving prospective visitors plenty of time to shop and learn simultaneously while exploring the latest from the Center Stage pop-up series.

“We’ve been trying to get into Nordstrom for 30 years, so this is a full circle moment,” Carl Jones, who co-founded Cross Colours with TJ Walker, said when asked how the partnership—which also includes the option to shop the latest Cross Colours drops in stores nationwide, including NYC—came about.

As for what visitors can expect, Jones said the aim was to craft a “combination of old and new documentation,” with close attention paid to ensuring the history of the brand was well-represented in the installation. 

Image via Cross Colours x Nordstrom

“If you’ve never heard of the brand, you’ll go, be educated on it,” Jones said. “We have a picture of Will Smith wearing the brand. Drake, Rihanna wearing our retro X jacket. It turned out really good.”

While walking through the pop-up experience, visitors will be able to purchase pieces ranging from hoodies to hats, with prices starting at $20.

“To us, this collaboration reinforces the fact that the brand is important to the community and to the culture,” Walker said in a press release. “Ultimately, Nordstrom has provided us with an opportunity for sustainability; we’re excited for the chance to continue impacting new generations with our message.”

Below, get a closer look at the latest from Cross Colours, as well as the NYC installation. In addition to NYC, the collection itself will be available at Nordstrom stores nationwide and the Nordstrom site.