On the internet, typing something in capital letters connotes yelling. Many associate it with anger; though it doesn’t have to be. But it certainly commands attention. For ALL CAPS STUDIO founder Saeed Ferguson, it was his way to make sure people knew he was serious about his creative ventures, to make sure he was heard.

“I named it ALL CAPS because as a photographer, I felt like I was doing a lot of work and was underappreciated,” says Ferguson while sitting behind a work desk in his Philadelphia office. His gray New Balance 990v3s are on full display as he relaxes in his chair with his right foot resting on his left knee. “I felt like I had to yell to get into the space and be taken seriously.”

When ALL CAPS STUDIO started back in 2017, it wasn’t even meant to be a clothing brand. Ferguson, who wanted to be a fashion photographer, started it as a way to get his photos out into the world. Over time, it morphed into what we see today. But even now, Ferguson is hesitant to refer to it as a clothing brand. He prefers to call it a “project” as it doesn’t operate on any type of seasonal schedule. He just releases things that he’s into at a particular moment. 

“I feel like brands are more structured and know what they’re doing in 2023. I have no idea what we’re doing in three months. We’re still kind of just reacting to the constant energy we’re receiving and throwing it back out,” says Ferguson. “I don’t want ALL CAPS to be a super-huge thing. If it does, it’s cool, but there’s no intention for this to be the next biggest thing. I just wanna make stuff that I genuinely think is cool.”