It’s not every day you get an assignment like this. WWD, The Cut, T Magazine, y'all are so jelly of me right now. What is this dream job? Interviewing Kanye? On location high stakes gambling on unicorn fights with Michael Jordan? Nah, son. TRY PERUSING THE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT OF GUY FIERI'S NEPHEW. Yeah. That Guy Fieri. And, let's be clear, yung Jules Fieri is out here living, spending cash, flossing birthday presents and taking selfies with his bottom bitches. SHIT IS WILD. TROPHIES. Donkey Sauce money long, providing for a whole clique of Fieris. Of course, being the consummate adult I am, I'm taking this opportunity to slanderize what looks to be a 14-year-old’s Instagram account, but not before throwing baby Jules some knowledge 'zerts I think will help him later in life.