Philipp Plein Called Out for 'Knocking Off' Dior x Stüssy Collab Design

Plein was recently criticized far and wide for his bizarrely opportunistic attempt at a settlement with Ferrari. Now, he's being called out for a new design.


Image via Getty/Estrop


Philipp Plein, fresh off being widely criticized for saying he'd donate $200,000 toward social justice if Ferrari backed off a lawsuit, is now having his design choices questioned after striking similarities with a recent Dior x Stüssy collab were noted.

On Thursday, Plein (see below) shared a promo image on Instagram for a limited edition run of the $kull shoes:

And shortly after Plein's IG post, @diet_prada—in a post dedicated to "anyone who misses tHe oLd DiEt PraDa"—pointed out that Plein was "knocking off" a Dior logo motif used in their Stüssy collab rollout:

At the time of this writing, Plein had not addressed any of this.

Earlier this month, as mentioned up top, Plein proposed that Ferrari agree to a lawsuit settlement in which he would give $200,000 in the luxury car brand’s name to a social justice organization. A few days after this public proposal, Plein said Ferrari had confirmed they would be made available to "an amicable solution," though they did not agree to the donation stipulation. Plein also donated $20,000 to a fund benefiting the daughter of George Floyd, who was murdered by police. The entire effort was criticized, however, as reeking of opportunism instead of showing a genuine concern for the social justice-related causes.

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