Philipp Plein Criticized for Saying He'll Donate $200K to Social Justice Group If Ferrari Drops Lawsuit

In a questionable move, Philipp Plein has announced he'll hand $200,000 to a social justice organization if Ferrari backs off in their court battle.


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In lieu of an ongoing court battle, Philipp Plein is proposing that Ferrari agree to a settlement in which the German fashion designer will give $200,000 in the luxury car company's name to a social justice organization.

The proposal, which has been roundly criticized as arguably being an example of sheer opportunism instead of a genuine effort at providing help amid global protests, was announced late last week in an IG post.

"After such a long time, I am exhausted and tired of fighting…especially in this particular moment," Plein said in the all-caps caption of the IG post in question. "It is completely inappropriate to fight over such unimportant issues."

Plein added that neither entity needs the money, which he claims began as a $2 million demand from Ferrari but has since been negotiated down to $200,000. He also claimed he would still "make a donation" even if Ferrari did not agree to these terms, though it was not immediately made clear if he meant that donation would also be in the amount of $200,000.

Days later, Plein provided an update. Ferrari reps, he said, had responded and "confirmed availability to an amicable solution of the dispute." However, they had declined the proposed donation-based settlement. Plein also shared a screenshot showing a donation of $20,000 (with a $2,000 tip) to a fund benefiting George Floyd's daughter.

As Fashion Law explains in detail here, Philipp Plein and Ferrari have spent the past year in a battle over the former's use of the brand's cars (and trademarks) as a "backdrop to promote his wares." This behavior, Ferrari has argued, could confuse customers who may be unaware that there is no actual link between the two brands.

Plein's latest effort at putting the legal dispute behind him, as many have argued, certainly isn't in good taste:

philipp plein is using the suffering of black people so he wouldn’t have to pay $200,000 for his mistake. whats more tone deaf and racist than that?????

— d (@louisvuicunt) June 8, 2020

He’s always been a douche bag but this is a new low. Maybe NOW fashion editors/celebs/influencers will stop attending his events and shows.

— Jenny Meyer (@jennybett) June 7, 2020

What??? Just donate instead of tying it into this.

— Bre.Ellie ∞❤ (@Exclusive_brex3) June 8, 2020

I think everyone else can stop trying now because this has got to be the absolute worst brand response right?? 😩

— Gabrielle Turnquest (@BabyLitigator) June 8, 2020

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