People Are Losing It Over 21 Savage Telling YK Osiris He 'Looks Like a Suitcase' in Custom Gucci

The custom Gucci saga starring YK Osiris isn't over. In a recent Instagram Live session, 21 Savage let the luggage-centered mockery fly sky high.


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It's hard to be mad at the extended roast-a-thon that's currently going on over YK Osiris' customized Gucci pieces, a lighthearted public saga that's served as a welcome distraction of sorts amid the ongoing chaos at the U.S. Capitol and beyond.

As previously reported, Osiris recently responded to the jokes from 21 Savage, Mustard, and others over a custom Gucci outfit he showed off in a recent Instagram post.

"I gotta explain myself," Osiris said in a clip shared to social media earlier this week during which he also noted the Gucci tag on the jacket. "Y'all n***as so stupid. Made by Exclusive Gang. And y'all know my boy. [It's a] customized jacket." Mustard, meanwhile, later shared a video update in which he reminded everyone that none of this should be taken too seriously due to the fact that his jokes were indeed crafted to exist and entertain as solely jokes.

Still, the playful back-and-forth appears to be continuing as of Friday, a day which saw the widespread circulation of an Instagram Live session featuring both YK Osiris and 21 Savage. The latter, notably, is heard further mocking the jacket in question by likening Osiris to luggage ("You look like a suitcase, bruh") while questioning the origin of the fabric, which he theorizes may have originally come from a bag that would have been better served as a gift to Osiris' mother.

Recent hours have also seen Osiris continuing to mock Savage, Mustard, and Lil Yachty via Instagram Story updates while also teasing the impending arrival of new music. Savage has also taken things to his Story updates, notably sharing a post from Virgil Abloh featuring a Louis Vuitton Jacket.

"He needs help," Savage said. "Can't have him looking like Delta luggage."

Given the aforementioned horribleness of the purported real world at the moment, fans and mere observers alike have thoroughly enjoyed this Osiris mini-saga, with many jumping into the fray with some playful roasts and/or memery of their own:

lol at 21 Savage
“Bruh...go get yo’ money back...that’s armed robbery”

— baby_love (@mssheabubba) January 8, 2021

Even T.I. had to get in on the action, telling his followers the IG Live clip featuring 21 and Osiris was "the funniest shit" he had seen all day. 

The clowning continued on Friday when Yachty and Mustard took to their respective IG Stories to flame Osiris, and with Osiris doing the same to Yachty, Mustard, and Savage, while also adding Meek Mill into the mix.

Osiris has also taken to making fun of Mustard for his weight. The two linked for an Instagram Live session, where Osiris repeatedly called Mustard a “fatty watty.” However, Mustard held his own and roasted Osiris in turn. After the producer left, Osiris said, “Stayed tuned, I’m gonna end his career,” and added, “Do not believe this man. He’s cap, he’s a clown, and he’s stupid.”

Before ending the Live session himself, Osiris said, “Yachty’s my brother, Mustard my brother too but that n***a’s a piece of shit. Stay tuned motherfuckers, I’m coming.” 

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