Marta Del Rio and KitchenAid Stage New York Presentation to Celebrate New Color of the Year

A group of guest designers were also enlisted for the special event, which took place on Thursday ahead of the start of New York Fashion Week.

Kitchenaid promo image from new campaign

Image via KitchenAid

Kitchenaid promo image from new campaign

Hibiscus was placed at the center of a special event that took place on the eve of New York Fashion Week on Thursday.

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KitchenAid has announced the color as its fifth annual Color of the Year, a distinction celebrated in product form (the brand’s Artisan Stand Mixer and K400 Blender) and with the aforementioned presentation. The latter marks a collaboration with Marta Del Rio and featured involvement from a group of guest designers, Tia Adeola among them.

“The source of my inspiration being the KitchenAid Blender and Stand Mixer made me instantly think of gathering, which is a technique that is often used as a source of fullness,” the designer told Complex of the inspiration behind her contributions, which included use of her signature ruffled look (see below on the right). “Being under so much work pressure during New York Fashion Week, finding the time to eat properly can be tricky—every morning I throw all my fruits, vegetables, proteins and even my vitamins into a blender to get me through my day, so frankly it felt just right!”

Kitchenaid designer pieces are pictured

See more from Thursday night’s event below.

kitchenaid publicity event is pictured here
Kitchenaid color event is pictured here
kitchenaid publicity event is pictured in action

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