Louis Vuitton’s New Pop-Up Exhibition Is a Celebration of Tambour’s 20th Anniversary

Two decades of the Tambour watch are being celebrated with Louis Vuitton's latest pop-up experience, which launched this month and runs through November.

Louis Vuitton pop up experience is pictured

Image via Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton pop up experience is pictured

Two decades of the Tambour watch are being celebrated with a new pop-up experience from Louis Vuitton.

The commemorative experience, billed in a press release as “an immersive capsule exhibition,” is housed at the Jewel Court at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California

Visitors to the space (which will be available until Nov. 10) can indeed expect to find themselves immersed in the Tambour’s twenty years of history, complete with a retrospective beginning with the piece’s inaugural model and leading up to the most recent edition (as seen above) unveiled in September.

Below, get a look at how the exhibition looks in person. 

A Louis Vuitton pop up experience is shown
a Louis Vuitton pop up is shown
a Louis Vuitton pop up is shown
A Louis Vuitton pop up is shown

Also this month, Louis Vuitton’s traveling “200 Trunks, 200 Visionaries” exhibit made its way to New York. The exhibit is located at 660 Madison Avenue and will be available for visits through Dec. 31. Among the visionaries enlisted to contribute to the expansive project were Supreme, BTS, and NIGO®. The latter, of course, is part of the lineup for next month’s ComplexCon in Long Beach.

As part of its Men’s Spring/Summer 2023 show in Aranya this September, Louis Vuitton featured some truly breathtaking sculptures from the design team over at PlayLab Inc. As longtime followers of the French luxury house will note, this wasn’t the first time LV and PlayLab had partnered up behind a carefully executed creative vision.

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