Lil Yachty Reveals 'How Much 4 Feature?' and Other DMs of Troll Who Said He 'Can’t Dress at All'

Lil Yachty was quick to point out the troll's hypocrisy.

lil yachty is seen on stage
Image via Getty/Bryan Bedder/Rolling Stone
lil yachty is seen on stage

Lil Yachty, fresh off being named the best dressed rapper of 2023 by Complex, is carving out time to highlight the hypocrisy of trolls.

As seen in recently Instagrammed screenshots, Yachty spotted a comment from a social media user who argued, without providing evidence, that the frequent Drake collaborator "can't dress at all."

In response, Yachty decided to share a number of DMs he had received from the exact same individual, albeit with a decidedly different tone.

"How much 4 feature?" the individual asked in one such DM.

"Let me write for u!!" they asked in another, as seen below.

instagram screenshot
instagram screenshot

As 2023 winds down, it's important to note here that Complex recently named Lil Yachty as the best dressed rapper of the year, with the Let's Start Here artist besting contenders including Lil Uzi Vert, ASAP Rocky, and more.

Yachty's style also inspired a recently-made-viral TikTok trend, namely one built around the idea of teaching viewers how to dress like Yachty using whatever they have available at any given time.

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