Kid Cudi Teases 2023 Plans for MOTR Line Including Paris Fashion Week and ‘F*ckin’ Clean’ Sneakers

Kid Cudi's years-in-the-making MOTR line, which stands for Members of the Rage and is pronounced "motor," has a massive 2023 agenda planned.

Kid Cudi is pictured on the red carpet

Image via Getty/Michael Buckner/Variety

Kid Cudi is pictured on the red carpet

Kid Cudi’s Members of the Rage line, often referred to as simply MOTR, is set to make major waves in the new year.

As Cudi teased during another round of fielding fan questions, the line will make a proper debut during Paris Fashion Week festivities next month. In the same tweet, Cudi also offered a pronunciation tip on the label’s acronym and touted his ambitions of “pushing the boundaries of fashion” with its all-unisex releases.

Cudi is seen tweeting with fans

In a follow-up tweet, Cudi further detailed the personal importance of this “whole new chapter” of his artistic journey. As Cudi explained, his history of design—including for music and tour stages, for example—has all led to this now-imminent moment.

“This line has been years in the making, and Im finally ready to reveal it to the world,” Cudi said. “I’ve always been designing, either for collabs, my album covers and packaging, my stages, merch, but now im falling into a whole new chapter.”

Kid Cudi is seen tweeting about fashion

Asked to reveal if he also had some footwear-focused plans on the horizon, Cudi confirmed that he did, adding that such sneakers are “fuckin cleannnnn.” As for the manufacturing choices behind MOTR, Cudi said the pieces are produced “in Italy and parts of Europe” and possess A1-level quality.

“So so proud man,” he told fans on Thursday. “To have my own sneaker is the biggest accomplishment.”

Cudi is seen tweeting about his upcoming plans
Cudi is seen tweeting about fashion line

As fans will recall, MOTR was first introduced to the world earlier this year with a drop featuring a logo designed by NIGO® and Cudi. A website, visually inspired by Windows 98, was also launched around the same time but appeared to not currently be active at the time of this writing.

2022, of course, has been a particularly prolific one for Cudi, resulting in a particularly rewarding one for his dedicated fans. The cross-medium Entergalactic experience, including both new music and an acclaimed animated Netflix special, was rolled out in September. Addressing whether we can expect a second chapter to the Netflix component during his fan-responding tweets this week, Cudi confirmed there were no such plans. However, Cudi added, he will work within the animation space again in the future.

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