Kid Cudi Featured in Louis Vuitton’s New LV Volt Jewelry Campaign

The 'X' actor, who's soon set to be a part of Brittany Snow's directorial debut, is among the creatives assembled for the latest LV Volt campaign.

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Kid Cudi, fresh off his role in Ti West’s new film X, is featured in a new jewelry-focused campaign from Louis Vuitton.

Indeed, the new LV Volt campaign sees Cudi—as well as fellow creatives Alicia Vikander and Jin Chen—bringing to life a range of pieces from the unisex collection. 

As accessory enthusiasts will note, LV Volt’s assortment of graphic fine jewelry includes pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Central to the look of each piece is the intertwining design of the LV initials, which are intentionally crafted in these pieces to provide the wearer with a metaphoric reminder of life’s inherent movement and energy.

See the latest campaign above. And for more on LV Volt, consult this site.

Cudi was also recently announced to be part of the cast for his fellow X star Brittany Snow’s directorial debut, September 17th. Speaking with Varietythis month, the Love Is Louder co-founder confirmed the casting for the film, the script for which was penned with Becca Gleason.

“I can’t really speak to it too much, except that Scott’s doing a part in the movie, so that’s cool,” Snow told the publication. Cudi, meanwhile, praised the film’s “really great script” and added that he had first heard of Snow’s directorial debut while shooting West’s X.

Also this month, Cudi gave fans an update on when they could expect his A Kid Named Cudi tape to make its way to streaming services. See here for more.

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