Kanye West Spotted Touring Art Galleries in Berlin Following 'Donda' Release

Following the release of his new album 'Donda' which is projected to debut at No. 1, Kanye West has been spotted taking in the art scene in Berlin.


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With Donda reviews starting to pile up following the third listening event and Sunday streaming drop of the long-teased new album, Kanye West has now been spotted touring a number of art galleries and similarly focused institutions in Berlin.

Photos of Kanye—again outfitted in an all-over head garment that’s become a key fixture in the Donda era—first started popping up here in the States early Wednesday via a number of fan-operated sites. From there, regional reports started detailing West’s visit to the capital of Germany.

Dorian Batycka, writing for the London and NYC-based outlet The Art Newspaper, reported that West was initially spotted “with an entourage” by a photographer outside a hotel in the Mitte district. Among the spots toured by West were the Pergamon Museum, the KW Institute for Contemporary Art, and several more.

According to Batycka, West is said to have given special attention to an installation by artist Michael Stevenson titled Serene Velocity in Practice: MC510/CS183. Below, see a 2017-era video in which Stevenson discusses this work in detail with fellow artist Simon Denny and curator Natasha Conland:

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A separate Page Sixreport, meanwhile, adds that West met up with a local photographer by the name of Holger “and asked the Berlin-based paparazzo for a ride.” From there, Holger and West are reported to have grabbed some food together before heading to the aforementioned KW Institute for Contemporary Art, who later shared a photo of West wearing one of their hoodies:

German outlet Bild—as spotted by Watching the Throne—also shared a video report on West’s visit, adding in additional photos and footage of the art-centered tour:

For more photos, as well as hints that a new interview with West—whose silence during the Donda rollout hasn’t gone unnoticed—could be coming soon, see below:

Notably, Berlin Art Week 2021 kicks off on Sept. 15. Stay tuned.

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