Jeff Hamilton's NFL Collab Collection of Vegan Leather Jackets Debuts at PROJECT Las Vegas

The design legend with more than four decades of artistry to his name has linked up with the NFL for a collection of vegan patchwork jackets.

Jeff Hamilton is pictured smiling for photographers

Image via Getty/Unique Nicole

Jeff Hamilton is pictured smiling for photographers

PROJECT Las Vegas, which kicks off on Monday at the Las Vegas Convention Center and runs through Aug. 10, will include (among many other highlights) the debut of a new collaborative collection from Jeff Hamilton and the NFL.

In a press release, Hamilton—who previously spoke with Complex’s Mike DeStefano back in 2020 about his decades of celebrated design work—pointed to this latest collection as an extension of what he’s known for in the sports space.

“I have designed jackets for over 40 years, and I am excited to partner with the NFL to continue sharing my passion for creating distinctive leather jackets with football fans all over the world,” Hamilton said, adding that the NFL x JH collection boasts some of what he considers to be his “best designs.”

Jeff Hamilton NFL Outerwear collection jackets

The outerwear run, designed by Hamilton, includes a variety of vegan leather patchwork jackets, all of which will be shown to attendees of this year’s PROJECT Las Vegas event. The collaborative effort is further commemorated with the two names serving as joint sponsors of Monday evening’s PROJECT Las Vegas Party at Jewel Nightclub, teased below.

Mentioning his earliest interactions with the NFL during the aforementioned Complex chat back in 2020, Hamilton revealed he didn’t initially think his widely celebrated designs would be as popular as they quickly became.

“At one point I spoke to a friend of mine and he said the NFL and the NBA didn’t have anything high end,” Hamilton recalled at the time. “I didn’t think people were going to buy those jackets. At the time they were maybe $1,000. I made a sample and the NFL went crazy with it. They said, ‘We’ll give you a license.’ I said, ‘Sure, why not.’ … Little did I know, everybody would start going crazy over them.”

As Hamilton explained, this led to other leagues also expressing enthusiasm over his designs, including the NBA.

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