Watch the Gucci Twinsburg Fashion Show

Alessandro Michele reveals a new collection with the Gucci Twinsburg fashion show, an official livestream of which also featured behind-the-scenes insight.

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Alessandro Michele revealed a new collection on Friday as part of the much-anticipated Gucci Twinsburg experience.

The show, the livestream of which (behind-the-scenes extras included) can be seen above, sees the creative director visually focusing on and exploring the multiple potential meanings one can find in a reflection. Ahead of the show’s reveal, the official Gucci IG shared a Rorschach test-style teaser positing a pair of questions, including “What do you see?”

Notably, the show includes spoken word elements comprised of lyrics from the 1992 Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen song “Identical Twins.” In an extended note shared on the day of the show’s unveiling, Michele included a tribute to “my twin mums.” He also discussed how the Gucci Twinsburg show plays a game he describes as the “illusion of a cracked symmetry” present in the underlying “magic” of twinship.

“Fashion, after all, lives on serial multiplications that don’t hamper the most genuine expression of every possible individuality,” Michele said.

Earlier this month, Gucci enlisted Billie Eilish for the campaign surrounding its new batch of 2022 eyewear pieces. Included in the Eilish-starring campaign was a short video directed by Harley Weir. The Italian luxury house, named by Complex earlier this year as one of the best of 2022 (so far), also announced a partnership with Harry Styles over the summer centered on the two’s upcoming Ha Ha Ha collection.

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