Fabolous to Block 'All Negative Comments' After Purse Jokes About Bottega Veneta Bag: 'IDGAF What Y’all Think'

Consider this the latest example of fashion-averse individuals trying to use the word "purse" as some sort of an insult.

fabolous is seen on stage
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fabolous is seen on stage

Fabolous says he’s going to block “all negative comments” after a bunch of people who don’t know the first thing about fashion mocked him for rocking a Bottega Veneta cross-body bag.

As you’ve no doubt seen across social media in recent days, this all began with a carousel shared to Fab’s Instagram earlier this week. In the photos, the Summertime Shootout 3 artist is seen with Bottega Veneta’s padded tech cassette bag, which retails for $2,100.

Embarrassingly, several fashion-averse individuals were quick to reveal themselves as comically behind the times by not only referring to the bag as a “purse,” but also treating the word itself as an insult.

“IG commenters had a time making jokes about me wearing a purse, which was really a cross-body bag for me but go off,” Fabolous later said in an IG Stories update. “Fuck y’all. I like my little bag lol.”

“I like my little bag” lmaoooo okay defend your purse Fabolous mamas! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 pic.twitter.com/G0BWn6NPiB

— herSOLES .. ♡ (@hersoles) December 13, 2023

In a comment added to his original post, Fabolous elaborated further by vowing to “block” any negativity anyone else might be considering adding to the conversation.

“I could respect the opinion or jokes if y'all did the same when y'all like something. But y'all quiet then,” he said. “Only 1000s of comments when it's something negative to say. When honestly if u don't like something, you could keep it moving. Why stop & share what u DON'T LIKE especially when y'all don't share when you DO LIKE. So the slander gotta be hushed too. All negative comments will be BLOCKED & that way we both keep the negative out of each others LIVES.”

In closing, Fab signed off with another helpful reminder: “Idgaf what y'all think it just can't live on my page & breed more Haters.”

fabolous instagram post screenshot

To be clear, everyone everywhere should wear whatever they want, both whenever and however they want, regardless of what woefully insecure individuals around them may think.

Furthermore, the minute you start giving a damn about what anyone else thinks about anything, especially when it comes to creative expression, is the minute you start to descend into full-fledged cornball territory.

In short, keep your middle fingers high and keep moving forward. Those who get it, get it. And those who don’t simply do not matter.

To that end, cross-body bags have been everywhere this year. Back in October, for example, we highlighted a jacket from a Timberland and Humberto Leon collection that boasts the ability to turn into a cross-body bag.

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