Learn What It Takes to Break Through With Parsons and Complex’s Streetwear Essentials Program

The video-focused program from Parsons and Complex counts Don C, April Walker, and more among its lineup of instructors and industry experts.

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When starting out in any artistic field, it can be daunting to not only find your way through the maze but to also find your unique voice. With the Streetwear Essentials course from Parsons School of Design and Complex, those looking to explore how they might fit into the fashion industry are given access to potentially valuable insight from a number of familiar names.

Don C, April Walker, Michael Cherman, Heron Preston, Jeff Staple, and more are among the instructors and industry experts featured in the five-part non-credit certificate of completion program.

Future graduates of the program can expect to dive deep on history, design, identity, marketing, and distribution while honing in on their respective voices.

For a sneak peek at the program and additional info, see here.

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