April Walker Reflects on Career, Walker Wear History, and More on ‘All Angles’ Podcast

As the legendary fashion figure explains, experiencing “different backgrounds and different environments” in her childhood proved important in her development as an artist.

The decades-strong journey of the undeniably influential April Walker, whose Walker Wear brand is interwoven with key moments in hip-hop history, takes center stage in the latest episode of Idea Generation’s All Angles podcast hosted by Noah Callahan-Bever.

"I credit a lot of my journey to relationships, and I don’t mean just texting," Walker says toward the top of the episode, which launched on Thursday. "I think you have to be courageous enough to live in your discomfort zone, to invest into people, and to look at the long game."

Deeper in the episode, Walker reflects on the impact her childhood had on her eventual rise in fashion and beyond. As she explained, being shown “different backgrounds and different environments” when she was young, due in large part to Walker's father chasing his music industry dreams, proved pivotal in helping shape the artist she became.

“In your formative years those are everything,” Walker said. “So I think it really widened my scope, so to speak. I think in terms of traits, I took a little bit of both of [my parents]. Things you love and things you don’t. But I think in my DNA, being as organized and as focused as possible is important, and at the same time creating is just in my bones.”

Joining Walker on the episode are assistant Miles Hopkins, lead stylist Gloria Cherubin, and marketing head Kimya Rainge. Check it out here or wherever you listen to podcasts.


As previously reported, April Walker is among the instructors and industry experts who contributed to the Streetwear Essentials program from Parsons School of Design and Complex. For more info on the online program, read here.

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