424’s Collab With Arsenal Football Club Explored in New Short Film

A new short details the creative pairing of 424 and Arsenal, with the former having become a two-year formalwear partner earlier this season.

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The friendship between 424 founder Guillermo Andrade and Arsenal Football Club vice captain Hector Bellerin is profiled in a new short film from B-Engaged.

Earlier this season, 424 was announced as an official formalwear partner for Arsenal, marking a two-year collaboration campaign that includes both the men and women’s sides. The Los Angeles brand is putting this partnership to use with the rollout of multiple projects in the months ahead. 

“To be involved in the whole creative and have the opportunity to design the suits for the club is one I will always be grateful for,” Bellerin, formalwear co-curator and Arsenal player, said when announcing the film. Bellerin added that the intention of the short film, filming for which was carried out over roughly a year, is to show fans that the collab shouldn’t be written off as “typical advertising.” Instead, it’s the result of passion and reason.

Guillermo Andrade, co-founder of the 424 brand, said the pairing was particularly important for him due to his longtime appreciation for the Arsenal club. 

“We are so proud of this collaboration with Arsenal, if you were going to pick a club that you would want to design a suit for, it would be them. … I’m glad I can share [this collaboration] with all of the other supporters across the world and hopefully inspire them to follow their dreams,” Andrade said.

Up top, catch the documented journey in full via B-Engaged’s new short film.

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