The Hundreds and Asa Akira Kick Some Ass in the Boxing Ring

Watch Asa Akira try out her latest hobby in the boxing ring.

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On the fourth episode of The Hundreds' web series, "Hobbies with Asa Akira," Akira is thrown into the ring to test her virility as a boxer. Akira stopped by KTown Boxing Club for her first ever training session, warning viewers that she doesn't "like sports with balls, ironically." 

Akira's trainer appears to have no time for tomfoolery, and puts Akira straight to work. Although this might sound like the tender beginnings of a different kind of film, Akira puts up a pretty good fight in this latest installment from her SFW web series. After trying taxidermy and tattooing on previous episodes, the adult film star proclaims that boxing may very well be her favorite new hobby, going out on a high note by politely kicking her videographer's ass, and that alone is worth your full and undivided attention. 

Watch above. 


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