Models Better Have at Least 10,000 Followers on Instagram to Book Their Next Gig

So, how many Instagram Followers does a model need to have a successful career?

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With some users garnering millions of followers, Instagram has become more than just a fun platform for picture sharing. Since its launch in 2010 the social media giant has become a tool for determining all kinds of things about a person, like food preferences, or the strength of their selfie game but more significantly, Instagram is being used to determine whether there's potential for a viable modeling career.

According to Daily Mail,  manager of Vivien Models, Catherine McGill explains that the weight of social media has incited the addition of an "Influencers" section to modeling portfolios, providing potential clients with a reference for popularity. A growing number of Australian brands are demanding that their talent have a minimum of 10,000 followers to be considered for a gig, making it more and more plausible that social media presence is a necessary indicator for marketing potential. Marc Jacobs is among the many big name labels in fashion incorporating Instagram into its approach to casting. Models and Instagram enthusiasts like GiGi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Cara Delevingne  have caught on, and monopolized on their high Instagram demand. 

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