Stone Island Scientifically Proves That Its Thermo Sensitive Jackets Are Awesome

Fabrics that change color in different environments.

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Stone Island never fails to make some of the most advanced outerwear on the market. Next on its mind-blowing agenda is a collection of outerwear constructed out of thermo sensitive material. To show you just how advanced these jackets are, the brand brings you back to the lab to display the science behind it all.

The outerwear company explains, “Just as the jacket’s chromatic shift indicates a change in the environmental atmosphere, the chromatic range of the materials in a chemical procedure signals information about a cellular mechanism.” Yeah, it's probably rattling your brain right now. If you’re chemistry grades weren’t all that great, just know that features on these jackets don’t fuck around. In layman’s terms, the fabrics will shift and change colors depending on what type of environment you are currently in.

There are two jackets available: the winter-ready Ice Jacket-J or the knit with thermo sensitive fabric for a more traditional feel. Either way, the time spent on R&D for these items must have been insane. Watching the video alone will make you want to start your own science project. 

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