Ronnie Fieg Designs a New Boat Shoe Style for His Latest Sebago Collaboration

Traditional boat shoe's with a new twist.

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Ronnie Fieg is staying loyal to one of his first ever collaborators. His partnership with Sebago still remains strong, and hasn't lost its touch of producing cop-worthy goods. Dropping today is Chapter Two of the duo's spring/summer 2013 collection. First is the Vincent. This shoe makes a second year appearance, but this time dyed with a salmon color Feig hasn’t used on his Sebago collaborations in four years. You might want to wear these shoes off the boat, because suede doesn’t work too well with water.

The second shoe in the drop is the Almani model, and is a new design for the season. The classic boat shoe gets a fresh new look thanks to the saddle piece that splits between the upper. Take this to the beach, it can handle the water and sand. This is clearly the more versatile of the two, and can be rocked on or off your mega yacht. Visit the Ronnie Fieg website to shop. 


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