An Ad for Rihanna's Fragrance Has Been Deemed Too "Sexually Suggestive" for Kids

Rihanna's ad for her new perfume Rogue is deemed too sexual for children.

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Advertising standards in the U.K. are, should we say, lax. But for some odd reason the ad for Rihanna’s new fragrance Rogue just got deemed too “sexually suggestive” for children.

"While we did not consider the image to be overtly sexual, we considered that Rihanna's pose, with her legs raised in the air, was provocative,” according to the fun police, aka the Advertising Standards Authority. Therefore the ASA is suggesting that these ads be placed only in places where kids won't be able to see it, which means pretty much everywhere but bars and strip clubs.

This is strange because the country does allow cursing and nudity on TV ads and regular basic channels. It might only come on after 9 p.m., but they still allow boobs and f-bombs at a time when kids are definitely awake. So considering that Riri’s ad does not even contain a hint of nip slip, or even side-boob, the ASA is reaching for this one. At least there’s some publicity out of it. Just peep the ad above and judge for yourself. Either way, you think Rihanna really gives a fuck? 

And what would the ASA have to say about the see-through dress Rihanna wore to the CFDA Awards on Monday night?

[via Jezebel]

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