OVO Makes Canada Proud With What May Be the Iciest Maple Leaf Chain

Pretty frosty, eh?

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No hip-hop crew is complete without brolic Cuban link chains and icy pendants hanging around their necks. With that said, jeweler Dave Bling of Toxsur & Co. might have just revealed the official OVO pendant for Drake and his T-Dot crew.

The design is very patriotic and makes use of the Canadian maple leaf as the template for all the ice. With hockey as the national sport, this OVO piece looks like the Toronto Maple Leafs could host their next home game on it.

A quick browse through Bling’s Instagram reveals that he also has a few other famous clients. Fabolous, Maino, and 50 Cent, just to name a few. Pretty soon J.Cole won't be the rapper with the most recent chaining day.

[via Dave Bling on Instagram]

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