The NBA and Sophia Chang Collaborated On Players Exclusive Gifts Featuring Custom Jerseys for the Celebrity All-Star Game

Special box laced with dope illustrations.

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Complex Original

Image via Complex Original

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Illustrator Sophia Chang’s portfolio is always expanding. Her resume expands from Complex, Undefeated, and even working with Anthony Bourdain for No Reservations. Now the Queens-based artist can add the NBA to that list.

With the NBA All-Star Weekend officially kicking off with a celebrity game last night, it looks like the Queens-based artist worked with the league on something special for the players participating. Inside the locker room players like Snoop, Wale, and Kevin Hart amongst others had a special box designed by Chang waiting for them. Each box contained a custom jersey and illustrations of each of the players. By the look of Kevin Hart’s face, he might hang these up somewhere in the rafters of his mansion. 

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