Mustache Implants are a Booming Trend Among Middle Eastern Men

Movember 365 days a year.

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Just as many men across the country are getting ready to shave off their "Movember" whiskers, mustache implants are a big hit on the other side of the world. Middle Eastern men who aren’t blessed with Tom Selleck-like genes are looking for implants to fix their imperfections.

Plastic surgeon Selahattin Tulunay reports that he does 50 to 60 procedures a month with costs of these facial upgrades reaching upwards of $7,000. Patients, the majority of whom are from the Middle East, are looking for “thick mustaches [to] make them look mature and dignified.” A cultural factor comes into play, as facial hair has always been desirable in Middle Eastern countries. It's a symbol of prestige, wisdom, and virility. Do you think this procedure will hit it big with Americans?

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