Le Berlinois and Maharishi's Killer Flight Jacket Is Letting You Know "B*tches Be Cryin"

The flight jacket to end all flight jackets.

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Le Berlinois (SOTO Berlin’s in-house label) and Maharishi have a message for you written in embroidery: “This is Berlin. Bitches Be Cryin’.” The two are teaming up once again to give you a killer Fitted MA-1 Flight Jacket. The classic outerwear is outfitted with wax resin, camo details, and a bright orange lining.

Geek out on the fabrics all you want, but for this piece, the standout feature is the bold message on the back.  While this piece is indeed shocking, it makes you think, do “bitches” really cry in Berlin? What makes Berlin so bad that causes tears? The women in the lookbook don’t look amused so it must be true. 

Anyway, maybe you’ll get your answers once you cop this jacket and start rocking it around the streets. Visit the SOTO website to purchase. 

[via SOTO Store]

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