Hermès Is Selling a Shirt for $91,500

The tax will also kill you.

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The Awl went shopping on Madison Ave and received a sticker shock for the ages: an Hermès shirt retailing for a whopping $91,500. Because the store is strict with its no photo policy, only a quick snap of the price tag was taken, but the shirt in question was shown during Hermès’ Spring 2013 runway show. As you can tell, it's made from crocodile skin which puts the price at a level only Forbes Billionaires can afford. Even if you had exactly $91,500 sitting in your bank account, you wouldn’t be able to afford this— The Awl did the math and the tax alone is a going to cost you $8,000. How ridiculous is that? If you had the money, would you even buy this?

[via Styleite]

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