Housewives Get Their Revenge With "Domestic Unrest" at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery

For these three artists, the home represents a place of pandemonium.

For most people, the home represents a place of peace and quiet, away from the racket of daily life and tensions of the workspace. For artists Rosson Crow, Francesca Dimattio, and Mickalene Thomas, however, domestic life can be as chaotic and topsy-turvy as the outside world. The three women will bring a touch of mayhem to the traditional home at their upcoming Pippy Houldsworth Gallery exhibition "Domestic Unrest," which opens March 13.

The show will showcase Crow's disorderly, neon-colored paintings, Dimattio's jumbled collages and recreations of the house plant, and Thomas's bedazzled paintings.

"Domestic Unrest" will be on view from March 13 until April 26 at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery. Click through to preview some of the featured works.

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