This Website Will Turn Your Handwriting Into a Font

BIC's latest project aims to document everyone's handwriting and composite them into a universal typeface.

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Despite the variety of fonts out in the World Wide Web, there is no typeface that compares to the letters of a handwritten message. That's why Bic, empire of all writing tools, has launched its latest interactive web-based project, the Universal Typeface Experiment. The site is Bic's attempt to design a global font of all fonts, composed of the handwriting of everyone in the world.

The website keeps a record of all who have contributed their handwriting samples to the project and composites them into a single letter. So far, thousands have submitted over 170,000 characters, by the Huffington Post's count. The online platform also keeps track of each contributor, including their age, gender, country, and so forth.

Those interested in having their handwriting immortalized in font-form, head over to the Universal Typeface Experiment's website, and get writing. 

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