This Quirky Font Turns Peoples' Strangest Addictions Into Letters of the Alphabet

From obsessions with makeup to more scary addictions to cannabalism, "Addiction Font" recognizes some of the weirdest quirks out there.

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Some fonts are more fun to look at than functional. Fanny Papay, a graphic design student from Hungary, fashioned a quirky font based on some of the strangest addictions that people have. Appropriately named "Addiction Font," the typeface transforms and fuses letters of the alphabet with illustrations that represent each of the different addictions.

The font covers everything from the more commonplace obsession with body piercings to weirder quirks such as flesh-eating and licking ashes. You might even have to Google some of the other ones, such as "urophagia" and "dromomania." Click through the pictures to see how Papay chose to depict each wacky habit.

[via DesignTAXI]

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