Invader Takes Over Hong Kong with Kung-Fu Master's Thomas and Hong Kong Phooey

It's an art-filled party in Hong Kong today.

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Just as Art Basel Hong Kong releases its list of galleries, we hear word of French artist Space Invader taking over the streets of the bustling metropolis. Coincidence? We think not. So far, some of his 8-bit pieces that have appeared include the classic Invader, Hong Kong Phooey, Thomas from Kung-Fu Master, a bowl of fruits, and more.

Before touching down in Hong Kong, Invader was busy scaling the Swiss Alps, where he left behind a number of mountain-themed mosaics. And while his work in Switzerland certainly is impressive, we have a feeling he might be enjoying Hong Kong's temperatures a bit more than that of his previous destination. Click through to see some photos of the recent invasion. 

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[via ArrestedMotion]

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