Behold, the "Comic Papyrus" Font. It's Worse Than "Comic Sans"

We didn't think it could get any worse.

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Despite all that the Comic Sans Project has done to re-brand and defend the world's most hated font, people have yet to change their opinion about the typeface. It's unlikely anyone ever will, especially considering there's actually statistical evidence that Comic Sans is killing the environment—well, sort of. As if Comic Sans weren't bad enough, someone decided to design a font that's even worse than the original: Comic Papyrus.

The designers evil geniuses at Barth and Co. combined Comic Sans and Papyrus, another typographic reject because why hate fonts individually? In the words of creator Rob Barth, "Now, thanks to Comic Papyrus ... you can diss two fonts at once!" Here's what he told Huff Post:

"Well. The font doesn't really exist, per se. I merely designed the sample that is posted on my blog. I was really making a statement about the inordinate amount of time people spend bashing fonts online. I mean, there are font arguments on forums and in comments sections that go on for miles. Eventually everyone agrees that Helvetica is great and goes to bed. I wanted to provide a font that allowed critics to save time by hating both Comic Sans and Papyrus at once."

[via Huffington Post]

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