H&M Uses a Sexy Plus-Size Model to Show Off Swimwear

Retailer H&M is doing something out of the ordinary on their website by featuring plus-size model Jennie Runk.

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The fashion industry is obsessed with thin models, so women who are not size 0 or 2 are shunned from magazines, runways, and advertisements. On rare occasions when publications do feel like giving average-size women some shine, they never fail to label "plus-size" all over the page. Well today, fast fashion retailer H&M is doing something out of the ordinary on their website. Plus-size model Jennie Runk (who is very very sexy) is featured in the Swedish brand's new "Beachwear Collection" editorial with no mention of "plus" anywhere. Instead, the collection is sold under the very subtly named "H&M +" line which caters to women size 14 to 24. 

It's refreshing to see plus-size clothes (and swimsuits, both bikinis and one-pieces) advertised along with the rest of H&M's collections without unecessary bells and whistles. Will other retailers follow suit?

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