Thorocraft Rebrands As TCG, Makes Cooler Shoes

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Maybe you heard of Thorocraft at some point during your past #menswear 1.0 travels. They were purveyors of perfectly fine footwear, but, for the most part, their designs were always a bit too swagless for out taste. But none of that wack shit matters anymore because Thorocraft just pulled off the ill rebrand, flipping the script and reemerging as TCG (aka Thoroughly Crafted Goods), a brand with an aesthetic much more in line with today's customer. The first installment of their new philosophy is seen with the brand's "Olympia" pack of two athletic-leaning sneakerboots that are more sneaker than they are boot. It's always a weird conundrum when brands go for the rebrand, but this is a commendable, solid effort. The sample size for all this is admittedly small—just a couple pairs of sneakers—but that low top looks pretty fucking clean, so while the jury is still out, it looks like the verdict should be in TCG's favor. I can dig a weird hybridish baby of, like, an Adidas Tubular and the best aspects of a Greats brand shoe along with some huge Article Number type sole. Listen, these are very orthopedic-looking, which is good considering that's seemingly the next big footwear trend of 2015. You gotta have solid arch support in this day and age, bro. And, hey, would ya look at that, there's even a sock liner. Keep it locked.

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