This Guy Does Low-Budget Recreations Of Female Celebrity Instagrams


Via Buzzfeed Style, we meet Mina Gerges, a Canadian student who has taken it upon himself to recreate iconic celebrity shots in low-budget fashion on Instagram in an effort to expose the body-defying physics of Photoshop and magazine shoots, which, of course, has been done before, but it never hurts to reinforce the message. Mina does his best to recreate famous 'grams without the glitz and glamour. He makes it a point to do everything himself: "I purchase curtains and hold them with pins, and everything else I put on them I stick with glue." Naturally, he regularly replicates Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Beyonce, while occasionally copying Kylie "you definitely got lip injections" Jenner and her older sister Kim. These photos sort of make me want to throw up because he is not even remotely an attractive woman, but I also simultaneously applaud him because, as a college student, I had nothing better to do with my time either. So, why not cultivate a large Instagram following based on famous female celebrities, whilst also celebrating their womanhood?

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