Stone Island Champions Innovation, Community With Three-Floor Munich Flagship

Housing unique and archival pieces as well as full collections from its Ghost, Marina and Stellina ranges.

All images via Stone Island

Stone Island has just announced the opening of a new flagship store in Munich, Germany. Championing the Italian brand’s core values in research, innovation and community, the three-tier space has been designed to boast a unique and refined architectural style with pops of unique flair.

Situated within the city’s Old Town, the new store follows the same blueprints under Stone Island’s design partnership with OMA/AMO. This concept includes a granite-cut exterior with large windows, and a visual display module that can be tilted and rotated, or even lowered, from the store’s ceiling to become an illuminated display table.

Within the multi-level space, customers will be able to shop Stone Island’s full range of offerings, including its seasonal collections as well as Ghost, Marina and Stellina ranges. At the back of the ground floor, a red resin wall is home to a connected series of video displays, each detailing various stages of Stone Island processes. Alongside this, a display area highlights three iconic Stone Island pieces, including both important archival designs and new products, with video documentation for each that explores its stages of development.

A community hub with tiered seating for lectures and events makes for the flagship’s basement space. Here, special garments feature alongside walls made from compressed layers of soil, resembling the veins that run through the earth, while shredded recycled paper and resins are compressed under high pressure to create furnishings that seem like concrete. A second key material for the new global store concept is cork, which has been burned, sand-blasted and coated throughout the space for a functional and structured finish.

As a confirmation of Stone Island’s commitment to innovation, three guest designers have also created unique pieces for the store interiors. Tim Hooijmans of De Studio has manufactured light elements from durable and recyclable aluminium billets, which minimise energy consumption while maximising longevity; Tim Teven has designed stools for the changing rooms; and Elvis Wesley has created an aluminium case to house ever-evolving displays of special collection pieces.

Get a closer look at the store in the shots below and visit the space in person now at Perusastraße 2, 80333, Munich, Germany.

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