Emerging Swedish Label Montén Previews First-Ever Sneaker Collection

Handmade by the best artisans in Portugal.

All images via Montén

Founded in 2022, Swedish streetwear label Montén has just revealed its first-ever sneaker collection, officially marking its entry into the footwear market.

Nestled within the Cupped Heel and Project Park and Empire designs is a plush bamboo lining, meticulously curated for unparalleled comfort and breathability. Meanwhile, Soho embraces a luxurious vibe with its leather lining, adding a touch of opulence and ensuring a diverse range of experiences across the lineage.

Completing the design, the sneaker sole features premium leather construction and an engraved signature for a personalised touch. Stepping out, the sole proudly displays Montén’s signature, etched with sleek black paint, leaving an enduring mark of quality and style.

Inspired by the dynamic streets of New York City, the three-part collection is skilfully crafted by top-tier artisans in Portugal. Rendered in two colourways, each model features an upper precision-cut from the highest quality Italian cow leather.

Check out the collection in the shots below and sign-up to the sneaker waitlist here.

Person wearing grey jeans and blue sneakers stepping on a wooden ledge
Person's lower leg and foot in a sneaker protruding from a wall, giving an illusion of walking through
Classic white sneakers with green accents and a blue logo on the side
Person's lower leg extended mid-air near a vintage stool against a textured wall
A single white sneaker with logo, placed on a green leather couch

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