Folk Taps French artist Damien Poulain for 'Everything Is Temporary' Flag Project

Folk has linked up Damien Poulain to showcase its Everything Is Temporary project, a flag-based collaboration that focuses on three unique designs.

folk damien poulain flags everything is temporary lead

All images via Will Cooper Mitchell

folk damien poulain flags everything is temporary lead

Folk has linked up with French artist Damien Poulain to showcase its Everything Is Temporary, a flag-based project that focuses on three unique designs that question and explores the idea of home and belonging,

Shot by photographer Will Cooper Mitchell, the accompanying Everything Is Temporary editorial explores the meaning of how a home can be so much more than a house, a city, or a nation but can instead be a feeling where moments are lived and memories can be made.

Taking note of this ideology, Folk and Poulain looked to flags. Simple textile objects in one sense but loaded icons in another, they are icons that denote powerful representations of history and politics throughout the world. With this in mind, Poulain designed a trio of flags that not only are the antithesis of this but also speaks of unity and universality on a purely human level.

These three flags—which chime perfectly with Folk’s aesthetics and Damien’s simple gestures of colour, shape and love—are used to inspire an exclusive range of High Summer garments which breathe the same optimistic spirit.

Check out the selects below and view the full editorial here, as well as shopping the collection here.

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