C.P. Company Partners with Emporio Armani for Final Collaborative 'Cinquanta' Capsule

The final installment of C.P. Company‘s 50th-anniversary celebrations sees the storied Italian brand team up with luxury fashion house, Emporio Armani.

cp company emporio armani lead

All images via C.P. Company

cp company emporio armani lead

The final installment of C.P. Companys 50th-anniversary celebrations sees them partner up with legendary Italian imprint Emporio Armani.

Two names inextricably linked with the definition of modern Italian style, the two labels are characterised by common ground, allowing the development of garments that combine the innovation of C.P. Company with the sophistication of Emporio Armani. 

Designed and developed by four hands, the collection celebrates the DNA of both brands, respecting the heritage but also creating what the pair sees as the future of “casual”. The collaboration itself comprises almost twenty pieces and includes some of Emporio’s most famed silhouettes, such as the bomber jacket, raincoat and stand-up collar jacket. Each piece is fused with C.P. Company’s famed lens-into-the-cap parkas, blousons and anorak, while a blue and white colour palette harks back to Armani’s heritage. 

All garments from the collection are constructed from three exclusive fabrics — WOOL GUM waterproofed wool, A.A.C, and DYSHELL — to create a performance-like quality that strengthens the rarefied and essential aesthetic from both labels.

The collection will be available from December 4 at Armani/Manzoni 31 and C.P. Company in Corso Matteotti 7 in Milan, while from December 13 it will arrive online at armani.com50.cpcompany.com, and in selected stores globally.


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