2 Chainz Sold a "Dabbin' Santa" Sweater for $90,000

2 Chainz doubled down on his "Dabbin' Santa" sweaters with a diamond and gold one of one for the holidays.

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From his “Most Expensivest Shit” video series with GQ to boasting about having a “crib the same size as a Walmart” on his single “Diamonds Talkin Back,” 2 Chainz has been known to associate himself with a few high dollar items. This Christmas season, the Atlanta MC took things a step further with what he deemed “the most expensivest ugly Christmas sweater.” The item in question builds on 2 Chainz's line of charitable “Dabbin’ Santa” sweaters with a nearly six-figure price tag.

“The World’s Most Expensive Ugly Christmas Sweater was designed by 2 Chainz and hand crafted by Avianne, 2 Chainz personal jeweler,” noted a description on 2 Chainz's website. The sweater, which was a one of one item, has since sold out with an asking price of $90,000. Like the previous collections of his ugly Christmas sweaters, proceeds from the diamond-encrusted collector’s item are planned to go to 2 Chainz’s T.R.U. Foundation, which benefits veterans, arts education programs, and disabled children.

“I’ve really been using God’s gift to me to give back,” 2 Chainz said, as part of a promotional video for 2015’s “Dabbin’ Santa” sweaters. In addition to other charitable efforts, the T.R.U. Foundation provided a free minivan to Tamifonika Jones and her children in 2015 after their belongings were damaged in a house fire.

The one of a kind, $90,000 sweater is no longer available, but 2 Chainz is still selling “Dabbin’ Santa” merchandise via his online shop for $20 and up. The 2015 editions of the sweaters raised roughly $2 million for the T.R.U. Foundation.

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