The Return of the Wallabee

A new shipment from Clarks has Oi Polloi reflecting back on the history of this classic shoe.

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"Boom, yo, I got a crazy idea how to do Clarks now."

Oi Polloi took the occasion of a new shipment from Clarks to reflect back on the rich history of the Wallabee. While the iconic shoe has deep roots in Jamaican music and culture (and, let the record show, an Irish origin) for many of us, it's actually Staten Island that comes to mind when thinking about the classic crepe sole. The folks over at Oi Polloi's Blog agree. More specifically, it's The Wallabee Champ himself who comes to mind, Ghostface Killah. Pretty Toney and his custom dyed Clarks were, for many of us here in the States, our first exposure to the shoes and the lasting impression they made in our minds. Check the images above from the Ironman album sleeve (that was 15 years ago, by the way) and cop a pair from Oi Polloi—just leave the custom flavors to Toney.

[Oi Polloi]

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