Is Kanye West Responsible For Kim Kardashian's Recent Style Makeover?

Some extremely bored people at Daily Mail UK investigate.

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Have y'all noticed that Kim Kardashian's style has changed a bit since dating Kanye West? Probably not, but the Daily Mail UK has and boy are they excited to tell you about it. According to the British online publication, Kim Kardashian has transformed from "once-trashy reality star" into "a sleek sophisticate" and we can all thank the Louis Vuitton Don for it. Daily Mail analyzed her outfits from as far back as 2007 to the current days with 'Ye where she rocks sleeker and more covered-up outfits in monochromatic colors.

They even go as far as to compare her fashion overhaul to that of Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham. So, what do you think? Is Ye playing the Prince and turning Kim Kardashian into a 21st Century Cinderella? We at least know the swag slipper fits. [Daily Mail]

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