Hood By Air's New York Fashion Week Show Was Sponsored by PornHub

Hood By Air's New York Fashion Week show was sponsored by PornHub.

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Showgoers at Hood By Air's Sunday show at New York Fashion Week were taken aback when, after the lights dimmed, they were treated to the dulcet tones of people having sex.

So far 5 min of sex noise at HBA

— Cathy Horyn (@CathyHoryn) September 11, 2016

"But why?" you may be wondering. Because the collection was sponsored this year by none other than PornHub. 

"It was a trend happening in the company not wanting to collaborate with clothing companies but to collaborate with businesses that had liberal ideas and spirits," HBA founder Shayne Oliver said in a statement. "Pornhub is way beyond that, I feel like it's a great way of selling ideas." 

Hood By Air, brought to you by PornHub pic.twitter.com/esQdywfRqh

— Jacob Gallagher (@jacobwgallagher) September 11, 2016

HBA pic.twitter.com/Kg2MSNL1rF

— Cathy Horyn (@CathyHoryn) September 11, 2016

New York Magazine's The Cut reports that models strutted down the runway with Vaseline dripping down their faces and smeared through their hair in the very NSFW show. "Hair and makeup artists described the beauty look rather obliquely as, 'Mischievous children who got into households accidents, like getting into Vaseline,'" The Cut staff reported.

The show was, fittingly enough, called "Handkerchief," and was heavily influenced by the "wench," that wonderfully dated term for a young female servant.

And now a message from our sponsor @pornhub aka money bag @shayneHBA pic.twitter.com/ogRC6uFQxu

— Booth Moore (@Booth) September 11, 2016

Selling porn, individualism, and attitude #hoodbyair @shayneHBA pic.twitter.com/nGEP3MQpbL

— Booth Moore (@Booth) September 11, 2016

Many of the looks featured plain underwear worn under jackets or sheer capes.

Whoopi Goldberg, Naomi Campbell, Jaden Smith, Teyana Taylor, and ill.i.am were all spotted at the show.

Designer Shayne Oliver spoke with Vogue, which you can watch here:



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