Here's the Release Date and Prices for Kanye West's Yeezy Season 3

We finally have a release date for Kanye West's Yeezy Season 3.

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Come Friday (Nov. 4), the latest saga in Yeezy’s world will begin with the release of Yeezy Season 3. Following the release of the collection’s footwear in the form of a men’s boot, women’s boots, and various other women’s heel styles, the range is set to hit stores like Black Market USA in Texas as well as Flannels in England (we’re betting on Kith amongst others in New York) this weekend, just a little later than what was confirmed by Yeezy brand president Pete Fox in October.

The collection was presented in what’s arguably Kanye’s most successful fashion presentation to date: a Madison Square Garden-hosted Life of Pablo blowout listening party. That showing sourced inspiration from migrants and featured over 700 models and extras as well as Naomi Campbell and Veronica Webb. It was massive in scale though the clothing itself featured only incremental updates on what was shown in Yeezy seasons prior.

Vibrant red sweatshirts, olive colored coats, and a variety of knitwear is set to be on offer for this latest drop. As for the prices, they took a dive from Season 1’s wares but still don’t come cheap. $1,800 will get you a hooded shearling coat ($1,500 for a flight coat without the hood and $1,150 for a cropped style) while $650 will get you one of the puffed bombers. Joggers run about $295 for a nylon pair or $350 for the line’s “cotton moto” style which features quilting. Surprisingly, those pieces are already scraping toward the bottom of the price point. Crewneck sweatshirts will be available for $275 while slub knits hit the lowest in the range at $175.

The line features women’s pieces as well with the aforementioned cropped shearling as well as other pieces like a sleeveless bodysuit and a high neck mini dress available at $495 and $895 respectively. You’d be naive if you didn’t expect one of the Kardashian krew to be wearing something from the drop on release day. 

This collection will not be produced by Adidas and there’s no indication that Yeezy Season 2 will ever go into production. Fox wrote an email earlier this year saying that the collection “will not be produced in its entirety or launched following a traditional fashion calendar.” There have been no reports that the apparel has been produced from the collection, even in part.

Considering the joint company that Kanye and Adidas began this summer that encompasses both apparel as well as footwear, one can only wonder how the rollout for Yeezy season 4 will happen. 

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