Shooting Pool in Paris with French Skate Pro Oscar Candon

We caught up with Oscar ahead of the launch of his new SUPRA shoe.

Images by Ashley Verse

“In Paris spots haven’t been blown out. If you go to LA or whatever, some cities, all the spots have been fucking destroyed. You get to a spot and you’re like ‘okay, there’s nothing else to do.’ In Paris there’s still a lot of shit to do, you know? It’s always nice to be able to go to some spots and there’s still tons of shit to do, and good spots as well.”

I’m in Paris to interview French skater Oscar Candon ahead of the launch of his new SUPRA shoe, the Chino. We’ve met a few times, and because we’ve got time, we decide to go and shoot some pool, in a bar that houses a bunch of tables and a mini bowling alley. As we walk in, he tells me about the time he managed to smash the entire collection of glass advertising boards behind the lanes; “I’m meant to be banned from here, but I wore a hat that day and now they don’t recognise me”, he says, laughing.

Before he was getting paid to skate, Oscar spent two years from the age of fifteen learning the trade of carpentry. In a deal with his parents who weren’t keen on him dropping out of school, he started learning to work with wood, and intends to put that to use building a house for himself one day.  “I just want to have something from skateboarding, I don’t want to live now with all the money that I make from skateboarding, and then at the end when it stops — because it’s going to stop at some point — be like ‘okay what am I doing now, I’m fucked, I have nothing left.’ I wanna save up, buy some land, so at least when I don’t have money from skateboarding anymore I have a place to stay. Then I can say ‘okay, I skateboarded and I got this from it, at least.’ And if it’s really nice, then... Fucking ballin’!”

By the time we get round to the topic of where he sees himself settling, he’s won most of the games of pool, and we’re starting on second rounds. He doesn’t see himself in a city, that life isn’t for him. “I’ll settle, but in like a forest. I dunno, I wanna buy some land. I’m saving up. Fuck having an apartment here, having a mortgage or whatever. Fuck that! Mortgage life sucks. Land is cheap, I wanna buy land in the south of France.”

That’s what’s great about Oscar. Aside from being a top skater, he’s a very grounded guy, with a real sense of where he wants to go and how he wants to live his life. For right now, he’s enjoying where he’s at, but knows that he’s got to have a plan for later on, and what he’s got planned is pretty damn enviable. Just as we’re finishing our drinks, and he’s beaten me for the final time, he adds “once all of you realise that living in the city sucks then you’ll be like ‘ahh Oscar, whats up?’”

The SUPRA Chino is available now from the SUPRA webstore and selected retailers worldwide.


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